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  • 06.27.14 Summer!
  • Summer, finally some vacation… or maybe not Martin is working hard in Visby at Bistra Haren this summer, pay him a visit, he may show you some magic.


  • 12.02.13 Go!
  • The guys from Whoops! are working really hard. Here is an interview with Leif in swedish by Tobbe Trollkarl. You can also see Leif weekends at Viking Line or at Magic Bar in Stockholm. Martin is working hard with new projects. More about that further on. 

  • 04.16.13 Déjà Vu
  • Det är dags igen, vi spelar Déjà Vu på Boulevardteatern en omgång till.
    [english]We are performing in Déjà Vu a few more times.


  • 11.28.12 The winter is here!
  • Christmas is coming closer and the boys are working hard. Peter Varg works at Norrbottensteatern and Martin Hansson and Leif Olberius are performing at different corporate shows. Leif will also do a couple of shows at the Magic Bar in Stockholm December 14 and 15.


  • 09.07.12 Autumn
  • Yes, autumn is here and we are starting to work at full speed. Leif has already performed again at the Magic Bar with the company of some other magicians; Tom Stone, Mr. Dannyman and John Henry. You can see a clip below. The corporate shows has started too, Leif was at the Stockholm Waterfront the other day and Martin is in the moment I’m writing this on his way to perform for  the Swedish airforce. Next weekend, that is 14 and 15 of September Leif is back at the Magic Bar again performing together with Johan Ståhl who managed to get a second prize at the world championship of  magic (FISM).

  • 08.09.12 Medieval festival i Visby
  • Every year there is a medieval festival in Visby in Sweden, and like every year, Martin is there. You can see Martin perform in Kung Birger’s Mysteriegästabud. Here is a videoclip from that very event in 2010 with Martin and Leif. Also performing is Fakir Orthae and bellydancer Farida

  • 07.04.12 Magic Bar one more time
  • You might think that Magic Bar is the only place we perform at, but it is actually one of few places where anyone who wants can come and see us perform, we do most of our work at corporate events. This week Leif will perform at Magic Bar in Stockholm every night until July 7. Mostly close up magic at the tables but on friday and saturday also a special close up show in the mirror room. Welcome!

  • 06.13.12 Time for a new visit to the Magic Bar
  • This weekend June 15 and 16 Leif will be performing at the Magic Bar in Stockholm. This time he will be performing together with Magic Brian from the US, here is a videoclip of Brian when he was a guest in the Late Show with David Letterman.

    Magic Brian on The Late Show with David Letterman from Magic Brian on Vimeo.

  • 06.13.12 Latest news
  • Whoops had a rather busy spring with lots of work. Martin has visited Japan one more time. Not only did he go to a training camp with Aikido masters, he also made a small tour performing at orphans homes in Fukushima. Martin came home with a load of strong impressions and a new tour is planned for the autumn this year.

  • 05.15.12 Some collected videoclips with Leif Olberius
  • While we’re at it, here comes a collection off clips from two shows in March at Magic Bar in Stockholm.