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  • 09.02.17 New theatrical magic show
  • A new show is opening september 21 at Yxsmedsgränd 1 in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. The show is in swedish and you can by tickets at wonderful photographer Martin Lundström made the photo.


  • 08.15.17 Mystique
  • A small update! We have a new thing coming up. It’s called Mystique. Come and see it!gubbarna.jpg

  • 08.20.16 A new show!
  • For our swedish followers, a new show opens 20 September 2016. Read more here.


  • 07.12.15 What’s happening?
  • The truth is that a lot is going on, just not here on this webpage. All three guys in Whoops are doing a lot of different things and have projects of their own. This website is going to get a makeover in a few months and focus on the different more artistic projects that the whoops members are working with. Meanwhile you can read more about the guys on their individual webpages. You find Leif here, Peter is here and Martin’s page is under construction but you can read about him here.

  • 07.04.14 New pictures
  • The very talented photographer Martin Lundström aka Fakir Orthae  has taken som really wonderful new pictures of Leif, here’s one of them.


  • 06.27.14 While in Stockholm, don’t fortget to visit Magic Bar
  • When you’re in Stockholm don’t forget to visit Magic Bar. It’s a great restaurant with great magicians, so just go there have a beer and get fooled!


  • 06.27.14 Summer in Stockholm
  • Leif is rehearsing and trying to come up with new magic effects this summer but he will of course not miss Stockholm Street Festival.

  • 06.27.14 Summer!
  • Summer, finally some vacation… or maybe not Martin is working hard in Visby at Bistra Haren this summer, pay him a visit, he may show you some magic.


  • 12.02.13 Go!
  • The guys from Whoops! are working really hard. Here is an interview with Leif in swedish by Tobbe Trollkarl. You can also see Leif weekends at Viking Line or at Magic Bar in Stockholm. Martin is working hard with new projects. More about that further on. 

  • 04.16.13 Déjà Vu
  • Det är dags igen, vi spelar Déjà Vu på Boulevardteatern en omgång till.
    [english]We are performing in Déjà Vu a few more times.